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The Big Picture

“Momentum” is run entirely by our current WOLBI students and this past week they spent countless hours preparing for this exciting teenage event, which took place on Saturday May 13th. Starting with a few ministry meetings this month, the students planned everything from the main activity to the dramas and music. As the day drew nearer, the students buckled down and finished all the last minute preparations, including decorating the cafeteria for the big day.

“The Big Picture” was the theme and it ended up being a perfect sunny day for the teens to enjoy a video scavenger hunt in downtown Shin Jeju for the main activity. Each team had one task: to complete and record as many missions listed on the paper in one hour. The team with the most points in the end would be the winner. The missions included many different tasks including going up to a stranger and asking them to buy you ice cream. Another one included acting like zombies in the parking lot. Hearing the laughter and joy coming from the teens during the event made all the hard work and preparation worth it.

The night ended with a Bible club where the current WOLBI students prepared music and drama. The executive director, Steve Nicholes, of WOLBI Jeju gave a message titled “The Big Picture” where he talked through God’s plan for humanity throughout the whole Bible.

It’s amazing to see how God is using “Momentum” to impact the lives of over 70 teenagers on Jeju Island and it’s special to see how much the teens love being on the WOLBI campus interacting with the current students and staff. We praise God for the opportunity to invest in their lives!

Check out the following video created by Mark Jung that highlights all the different aspects of “Momentum”!

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