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Participating in various ministries on and off campus is a big part of life as a WOLBI Jeju student. Engage in fun activities, live out your faith and share God's love all around!


A new ministry which started in the spring of 2016, Bible Club ministry is an optional commitment for WOLBI students. One Saturday per month, the teams travel out to a church or school and provide a 2-hour program of games, drama, a sermon, praying and sharing time. 


Momentum is a 1-day Saturday event for youths in Jeju island. Momentum started as a ministry project led by a a graduate of WOLBI Jeju, Sergei Li, in 2014. A day of fun and games, tasty food, meaningful worship and clear Bible teaching with apologetics tones,  Momentum is held 6 times a year on a Saturday in Oct, Nov, Feb, Apr, May and June.

Check out our Facebook page to see photos from our most recent event!


Momentum camps are 3-day camps held on the campus every winter and summer right after E-camp with games, activities, praise time, Gospel messages and lots of fun! 


The true experience to serve and share God's love and the Bible, E(English)-Camps are held for 9 days on campus. E-camps are held every winter after the Thailand missions reality trip and in the summer right after break leading up to graduation. Students fly in from all over Korea, and while the camp focuses on teaching English and encouraging the campers to speak English, they also get to experience the Christian life through daily devotions, listening to messages, sharing their testimonies and learning to love their fellow neighbors and friends! For more information, photos and videos, check out our WOLBI Camp website here.

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