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Why Discipleship

Audrey (Dean of Women) with Ally (Korean student)

(Audrey, Dean of Women, spending time with Ally, Korean student)

Life is difficult. How is it that there are days of complete bliss and yet there are days that seem utterly impossible to get past? I think everyone would agree that life is a roller coaster of emotions full of joy, despair, triumph, and defeat. Even though we subconsciously know life is hard, we often do not like to admit the reality of how hard it is. Oftentimes, we confidently reassure and convince ourselves that we can manage life on our own. While we all want meaningful relationships in our lives, our pride keeps us from being transparent with those around us. Relationships are important and because life is hard, we need each other. That is why discipleship is a critical component of biblical community. It’s truly amazing how God equips every believer with the necessary tools and unique gifts to support and strengthen the body of Christ.

What is discipleship?

Paul’s ministry to the early church and the importance he placed on discipleship encourages me greatly. Paul knew how hard living for Christ was. He frequently emphasized the reality of our struggle with sin and never denied how hard the battle would be. In 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 he exclaims,