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Building Community

One of the most exciting parts about attending college is anticipating the opportunity to form new friendships and be part of a tight knit community. Every year I hear parents tell their children how college friendships made a deep impact on their life. When students start to think about their education and what they are looking for in a college they usually decide to visit to better understand what the campus will be like. When students go for a college visit they want the affirmation that the campus has a sense of community. Students want to know they will belong and thrive there. Current student Nate Payne recently said, “Community was most certainly a major factor when deciding to attend. I wanted a place that was focused on family.”

The Word of Life Bible Institute has a unique atmosphere centered on community. Specifically, because the Jeju campus is smaller in number, the students have the opportunity to form deep and meaningful relationships with each other. Current student Ana Mosley knows the Jeju campus is the perfect fit for her because of the family atmosphere saying, “The idea of an excessively large student body is daunting to me in that it’s typically harder to get to know others (in my experience), but that wasn’t a problem at this particular institution.” Knowing how important community is both to the college experience and Korean culture, our staff seeks to create opportunities to help develop a strong and loving Biblical community on campus. Ana further commented, “as soon as the year started I felt the high priority this school places on forming a community. Whether it be through building relationships in the dorm, class discussions, student outings or devotions, the tight knit fellowship between both staff and students is a phenomenon I haven’t seen or experienced anywhere else.”