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Fall Campus Preview Days

Our SYME Korean students

(SYME Korean students)

Choosing a college to attend can seem like a daunting task to many young adults looking to further their education. Many questions run through their mind as they begin the search for the perfect fit. Not only do they need to choose a field of study, but they also have to take into account the experience they want for the next few years. What will campus life be like? What kinds of classes do they offer? What is the dorm life like? Is it located in a city or rural area? These are all important aspects of figuring out which school is the best choice.

Over the years, campus visits prove to be an essential part of the decision making process. Visiting provides a unique opportunity to see the reality of each college environment, which thoroughly helps each student evaluate if they will thrive in that place.

Realizing how important college visits are, the Word of Life Bible Institute strives to offer an opportunity for each potential student to come and experience the campus. Specifically, WOLBI Jeju offers a “Campus Days” weekend twice a year. Hosted in the fall and spring of each school year, students from all over Asia have the opportunity to see firsthand the WOLBI Jeju experience. From sitting in on classes to talking with the staff, these potential students have a 2.5-day experience that will allow them to know everything about WOLBI.

Recently, from November 20-23, WOLBI Jeju hosted the fall “Campus Days” event. Twenty-two young adults from Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and India came to visit the campus. They had the opportunity to sit in on theology classes and interact with staff and current students, while exploring some of Jeju Island. The visitors enjoyed coffee breaks each day where they had the opportunity to talk with staff about WOLBI and how God has worked in their lives. The students also sat in on sessions where they learned what it means to live in a cross-cultural environment and learned more about the academic side of WOLBI.

(SYME Japan students)

One of the strongest components of the weekend for the visitors was having the opportunity to talk with current students about their experience. Hearing first hand about what how the students are learning and growing positively impacted them. Also, having the chance to experience dorm life as they sat in on Quiet Time sharing in the morning and devotions in the evening, showed how the student body experiences spiritual growth through sharing God’s Word with each other.

Most of our prospective and current students from Asia come from the School of Youth Ministry in English. This is a program Word of Life established in many Asian countries to teach English using the Bible. Sandy, an SYME student from Taiwan, experienced her first cross-cultural trip coming to “Campus Days”. Never traveling outside of Taiwan before, Sandy was excited to not only experience South Korea, but also Jeju Island. Sandy “really enjoyed being here” and was “so happy to know everyone here and make relationships”.

(SYME Taiwan students: Sandy is top right)

Joy, a native of Jeju Island who is planning to attend WOLBI Jeju next fall, was thrilled to have the opportunity to understand more clearly what WOLBI will be like. For several years Joy has come to camp and “Momentum” events and now she will have the opportunity to be a WOLBI Jeju student. Her favorite parts of the visit were the coffee breaks where she was able to talk with the staff and theology class where she was able to see what WOLBI teaches.

One of the major obstacles potential students face is the financial cost of attending WOLBI. We are confident in the Lord’s provision and try to find creative ways to help fund their education at WOLBI. The early confirmation scholarship proves to help many students ease the financial cost. Every month WOLBI Jeju has an “early confirmation” scholarship deadline. If a student provides all the necessary documents needed for the admissions process and pays the confirmation deposit of $500 before the monthly deadline, they will receive a scholarship. We are passionate about young adults taking a year to study the Bible and want to give each student the opportunity to attend WOLBI.

Overall, “Campus Days” was a great weekend full of joy and excitement about what God is doing in the lives of the potential and current students. It is truly our desire that from the moment people step onto the WOLBI campus they are encouraged in their walk with God.

Have you ever wondered what WOLBI Jeju is like? Come experience our campus in this spring!

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