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Expanding our Horizons

There is a sign posted frequently around Jeju Island and its slogan instantly grabs the reader’s attention.

“The world comes to Jeju and Jeju goes to the world”

After living here for two months, I believe the students realize how accurate that statement is. One glance around is all it takes to see the variety of cultures and ethnicities represented on the island. While some people are here to teach English and others are studying at University, there are also vast amounts of visitors who come to vacation on the Island.

With the influx of foreigners on the island, Youngnak English Service has a lot of ministry opportunities to reach out to these people. Seven years ago Youngnak English Service started and through the years numerous amounts of people have come through the doors. Currently, YES is comprised of over 8 different nationalities including individuals from Sri Lanka, India, South Africa, China, United States, and Taiwan.

In October YES church hosted an “Olle Walk” event where the church members had the opportunity to interact and build relationships with the WOLBI students. Jeju is known for its Olle trails, the pathways around the coast of the island. There are 26 different routes and each one allows you to see the diversity of Jeju’s n