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Six years has passed since I attended my first year at the Word of Life Bible Institute on the New York campus. As I reflect back on my time as a student, I can’t help but rejoice knowing the impact it had on my life. My passion for discipleship was planted during that time and has since matured into a deep desire for young women to know God intimately and share His Word passionately.

It is a privilege to serve at WOLBI Jeju on the deans staff and I am confident that God is already working in the student’s lives. As the ladies and I journey through this year together my prayer is that we remember. There are numerous amounts of passages in the Bible that emphasize the need to remind ourselves of God and His truth. As the ladies lay their biblical foundation of the Bible this year, I pray they always remember who He is and their identity in Him.

As they study the Word of God and minister to others, I pray the Lord continues to show them who He is. What we believe about God shapes our actions and ultimately the course of our life. Throughout their entire life, through every situation they encounter, I hope they remember God is their stronghold, defender, refuge, and rock. I pray the beautiful truth of Ephesians 1 becomes a reality, embracing all the spiritual blessings they have in Christ. I pray their walk with God would be rooted in understanding that they are loved, chosen, redeemed, adopted, and forgiven.

I pray in six years when they look back, they remember the goodness of God and how He led them during this season of life. I pray all of us never forget who our God is and who we are in Him.

Audrey Hart, Dean of Women

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