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Before I came to WOLBI I was planning to go study architecture at University, but God has changed my plans quite a bit since that time! First, he put a desire during the summer of 2015 to give Him a year to go study His word. Since there was a Word of Life in Québec I had planned to go there, but then in August I met Sergei, a guy who went to WOLBI Jeju three years ago. He convinced me to apply to the school in Korea. I didn't have a lot of expectations because it was one month before school started, but I applied anyways, and two weeks later I was buying my plane tickets to Korea!

That year was very challenging on multiple occasions, but going through the different classes, I slowly started to see how I was making a lot of mistakes in my way of understanding biblical truth. For instance, if something didn't seem to fit with my experience or my logic, I would reject it. I had to learn that God is the creator, and so He gets to decide how things are done! I can either reject His truth or submit and joyfully accept it. That was very hard to do.

During the trip to Thailand and the mission week, something in me changed. I realized how I was planning my future selfishly, wanting to just have a great life and not caring so much for the lost. I started having the desire to build people up instead of buildings. Architecture suddenly started to seem so pointless in front of all those people who don't know Jesus. I saw for the first time that our world is at war and we need to tell people how they can get victory. The architecture field is overcrowded with amazing people, while the mission field is unfortunately always missing people. Why can't I be one of them? I then decided I would use all my gifts and my abilities to serve God wherever and however He wants me to use them. I want to be a tool in the hands of the Great Architect!

Coming back to Canada, I had the chance to have a team of pastors waiting for me at my local church to discuss my plans with me. They were very glad of my decisions, and they recognized that even though Québec is a very needy place, I might be called to serve somewhere where people haven't even heard of the name Jesus. I am therefore starting a bachelor in Theology that I will do part time for two years while working, and then complete full time. The year at WOLBI allowed me to be credited a full year! I started Hebrew classes already, and I love it! I also started being involved in the youth group for teenagers, a class for young guys on Sunday morning and two small groups for young adults. I am also glad that I am keeping my habits of keeping a quite time every morning and listening to sermons on YouTube whenever I have a chance!

What a great year it was, and I look forward for what God is going to do with me in the future. I want to thank all the staff at WOLBI Jeju who worked so hard to be used by God to transform lives. Mine is definitely an example where your efforts produced much fruit :D I hope I can see you soon... 70 years isn't so long after all :P

Praying for your ministry and the continuous effectiveness of WOLBI Jeju,

​Olivier Mayette

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