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Suck It Up

I think God is proud of you guys. - Joe Min, Camp Director

Days until camp starts: 3

The annual camp frenzy has begun: spools of "seaweed" paper are floating around the cafeteria, bass beats constantly reverberate through all walls (and yes, you have heard that remix 26 times today), and the occasional staff member is found passed out across some desk chairs, still gripping scissors and adamantly whispering "I'm not sleeping, I'm just closing my eyelids".

I believe God honors our efforts, even when it feels we have crashed and burned (metaphorically...I think).

The coolest part of camp prep is to take a moment, step back, and see your fam rock their talents. Even if they are ones you'd never considered before. Such a moment happened yesterday, when we heard "all decorations must be finished today".

Impossible, but necessary.

And let me tell you, those people moved and a vision came true: our cafeteria now highly resembles a fish tank. ...sort of. (It's a work in progress).

But seriously, Mike is a professional at deciding what sticks look most like coral (though it may or not have been a tangerine tree), Olivier never ceases to awe-inspire with his murals made from a couple strips of brown paper, crayons, and the occasional cardboard out of some dumpster. Judy had fifty plus fish making under smooth control, no prrroobleem. Tommy was up on some ladder, super humanly taping this and tacking that and building a waterfall in the corner. (????)

It's times like these when we realize how insignificant and helpless we are without the cooperation of a team.

Scratch that, how incompetent we are without a unison in fellowship with God.

Shout out to all the volunteers who have spiced up campus - people from all over Korea and a special team straight from Florida - they've been preppin' for two years (Makes me feel pretty wimpy). They've been a huge encouragement and help, even more refreshing than the big crockpot of ice water we've been lugging everywhere.

Stay tuned!


WeiAnne Reidy, 18, USA & Taiwan

Isaiah 49:16. Usually found holding a journal. Or five. Craving a good cup of tea and high quality videos. Dreaming of Nepal and Everest. New grace found each and every day. Changing.

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