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The Month of June

It's been a month of lasts. Last class, last chapel, last essay, last Momentum, last Bible Club, last night as a dorm, last vacation, and soon - our last camp.

Finish Well.

It's easiest to fall for the mindset that it's all almost over anyways. That we've done good enough, and complacency is okay now. That we are so tired, and we just need a break or some rest or some time off.

And yet, our quizzes and our exams and our events do not measure up to the real test - how we choose to live our lives post-WOLBI. How we finish well beyond WOLBI. How we live out our alumni legacy.

It's the danger of ministry. To get so focused on pouring into others that we ourselves forget to hear the subject matter of sermons or the power of the words from the songs coming from out of our own lips. Ministry can become habitual.

It is our great danger. But it is our great danger, only because it is our great privilege (B.B. Warfield on the Religious Life of Theological Students).

Finish Well.

Our whole Christian life is a race, and whether we like to think about it or not, the key is whether we hurdle over the finish line, or if we flat out face plant. It's convicting to reflect on the life of Brad Quackenbush (See our previous post) and how his ministry had him pole vaulting into eternity. You go, Mr. Q!​

So what have we done this month? Have we been finishing well?

The month kicked off with a visa trip break, a firework that sent students shooting all over the world: Peru, Hong Kong, Japan, Kazakhstan, the US, and Taiwan. Overall, it sounded like a lot of eating, sleeping, and the occasional cliff jumping. Oh, and there's been a lot of weddings to attend lately.

Speaking of food, there's been a lot of delicious delicacies served at campus lately. Several weeks ago, Mrs. Rhonda composed a Make-Your-Own sushi dinner, and last night Ms. Sammie concocted an authentic Indian meal.

Our last Momentum was one of our best, and much thanks go to the South African community at our English service. The attendees enjoyed learning rugby and eating an authentic South African meal on the beach.

Dale, one of the South Africans, got baptized later in the month.

Jonathan Ward, Mark Pritchard, Steve Nicholes, and Will Honeycutt closed out school with classes for Titus, 2 Timothy, Psalms, New Testament Survey, Romans, and Angelology. Whew, that was was a mouthful. A special congratulations to our ESL students - you guys are some serious super humans.

Our first student has flown the coop: Lana has left campus to complete her summer ministry in Japan before heading to Word of Life Hungary as a second year student. Now we're back to living out of suitcases, and once again sent out over the world for summer break: the US, Korea, Japan, and all around Jeju. Camp prep pending.


Prayer Requests:

- Safe Travels for all students.

- Joe Min and all camp staff as they prepare for camp.

- The campers anticipation - We hope they're as pumped as we are!

- Students gearing up for 2nd Year at Word of Life New York or Hungary.

- To Finish Well.

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