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We need 5 people to make a game…Whose on worship?... We could have another school…

We’re gathered in the classroom, information for this Saturday’s event flowing so rapidly it’s hard to digest and retain. As of tomorrow, there’s 2 months left. When we first arrived, Mr. Steve told us that this year would be like taking a drink out of a fire hydrant hose, that the current pressure is so strong, it lifts you right off the ground, and gives the sensation of drowning.

The good kind of sensation of drowning, obviously.

This is crazy. I’ve done treasure hunts before…But this has four or five times more people. We’ve got to get through all the logistics, but it’s going to be fun.

Momentum number five was themed “Why the Bible is relevant to us today”. Some 70 students showed up to search for QR codes hidden throughout Jeju city. Our next Momentum will feature a South African Braai.


The first big event of May was the release of the new WOLBI site – celebrated with sparkling ade, grapefruit flavor. Woohoo!