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Today we participated in our first full day with the Prepschool students. It began with brunch, in which I had many interesting conversations with some of the guys about Korean culture and the political system here in Korea. After that, we headed down to Gwakji Beach to play group activities such as human fooseball, dodgeball, and digging for soda cans in order to rid ourselves of D-Points. ;) We were also able to go swimming out to a rock shoal near the docks with Josh, Jacob, and Daniel. We got some really good pictures from it! All in all, it was an awesome day.


Today was a normal class day for us WOLBI students, but the Prepschoolers had a great time experiencing how it would be if they were to come here for a complete school year at the institute. After class, we spent time together just discussing daily life here at WOLBI. That night, we played a few games of volleyball and in dorms, Mitch demonstrated his physical prowess by showing them how to work out effectively and different techniques in abdominal muscle building.


Today was our last day with the Prepschool students, but they were able to join us in class for second period Galatians study, which they seemed to