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"WAITING" - Matt Chandler

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Just a few weeks after arriving at WOLBI, our class gathered around a campfire one overcast night. We were all given a challenge for the upcoming year – to completely surrender our lives to what the Lord might have for our future and listen to His guidance for the next year. Pieces of paper were passed out, which represented our lives. We were asked to throw them in the fire, together, if we were willing to accept the challenge of completely surrendering our future to the Lord. “Ready? 3….2….1….”

Waiting is something that I have always struggled with. Whether it relates to purchasing something without seeking proper counsel or making decisions about my future, I have never enjoyed the process of waiting. Throughout my childhood I was constantly tested in areas that put my patience to the test. I definitely didn’t pass all of the tests, but they have helped me grow in patience.

I graduated high school in May of 2015 and in August of the same year I traveled to the opposite side of the world to attend the Word of Life Bible Institute on Jeju Island, South Korea. At the moment I was confident in where God had me, but beyond attending the BI, I had no clue what I would do with my future.