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Our trip to Thailand took place from December 8th through the 15th, right before winter break. The purpose of the trip was to meet missionaries from different agencies directly where they work so they could share some of their experience and their needs. We also had the chance to do some tourist activities and were able to learn a lot about Buddhism.

Here’s some of what happened:

Day 1

We left Jeju to go to Seoul, where we had a flight for Bankok at 4:30. The flight lasted 5h45 and we landed in Bankok at 8:15 local time.

Day 2 Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai's Night Market is so gigantic, it's impossible to see everything in only one night (fortunately we got to go for 3 evenings). It’s a maze of vendors, each twist and turn filled with live music, bargaining shouts, and a fresh assortment of Thai pants. There was a little traditional dance show, and we had fish nibble off dead skin from our feet.