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God is here

Photo Credit: Hannah Seaton

Every year students from all over the world enter into the fall semester anticipating the start of their WOLBI adventure. Whether it’s excitement about the classes they will take or simply excitement about the year as a whole, the students know there are many great aspects about the Bible Institute experience.

Year to year we always overhear students share how excited they are for the two trips WOLBI takes to Thailand and Israel. It’s not long into the year when the students finally head out to Thailand with the purpose of visiting different missions organizations and learning more about Buddhism, a main religion to many different Asian countries.

After having an amazing time on the Thailand trip students become even more excited for their trip to Israel in March. As the time draws near students eagerly await this adventure of a lifetime. Every year they come back with fun memories and a greater understanding of God’s Word embedded in their hearts. As staff, it is exciting to see first hand their excitement about God’s Word.