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Momentum: A Bouquet of Flowers

February Momentum event!

Korean student, Matthew Lee, has a passion for young people to know and follow Jesus Christ. During his year at WOLBI Jeju, Matthew has ministered on both the program and Bible club team. Whether it’s leading worship or preparing for events behind the scenes, Matthew is willing to be involved in any way the Lord allows him to. During Momentum events Matthew helps the program team by preparing and leading the main game with excitement and lots of energy. He also plays the drums with the worship team during the Bible club.

Matthew on the drums!

He recently shared that to him the Momentum ministry is like a unique bouquet of flowers you give to someone on a special occasion.

In a bouquet there can be many different flowers that make up the beautiful arrangement. Each flower has a purpose and is essential to the whole to create the entire bouquet. Like the bouquet, each part of Momentum is important to the full event. In a bouquet each flower is unique and different but together they create a beautiful image. So whether it’s working on the planning, decoration, or program team, every detail that goes into the event is important to run it successfully. Matthew knows that preparing with intentionality is an important factor to making sure the teenagers are prepared for the most important part, the message that is presented at the Bible club. He continued to share that when you prepare a bouquet for someone that you care greatly for, you invest time to make sure it’s exactly what you want to give to them. With that, the WOLBI students are constantly driven by their passion for the teens on Jeju Island to enthusiastically prepare every little detail well for the teens to enjoy the program and hear the Gospel.

Matthew continued to share that it doesn’t matter if you have big or small responsibilities because God uses every part of it to reach out to the teens. Every part of the ministry opens the door for the Gospel to touch the lives of the teens here on Jeju Island and that is exciting to think about these teens impacting their generation for Christ.

The program team was explaining the main game "Lord of the Rings"

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