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Chagwido Fishing Trip

Last Monday, June 26th, the students had the opportunity to go on a special fishing trip! The whole class traveled to Chagwido and eagerly hopped onto the boat to fish for the afternoon. With classes wrapping up soon and their Theology papers due, this was the perfect event to ease their minds for a few hours and enjoy a special time of fellowship with each other. For some students, this was their first time fishing and for others it brought back special childhood memories. Laughter echoed through the boat the whole afternoon and as we headed back to shore at the end of our time, we gathered around two plates of raw fish prepared by the captain. Enjoying the fish we caught, it was in that moment I realized how in just one short year these students became a family and these are the memories they will remember for a lifetime.

Check out the photos from the student life fishing trip below:

From Left to Right: Ana, Ally, Cynthia and John

From left to right: Ana, Ally, Cynthia and John.

Students enjoying the boat ride!

Students enjoying the windy boat ride!

John and Hiroki

John and Hiroki

We caught this fish!

Enjoying great food and great friends!

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