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3 Reasons Why I Love Jeju Island

Sunset at Gwakji beach

With another year of the Bible Institute nearly complete, the staff is looking forward to and preparing with great anticipation for the new group of students who will come to study at WOLBI Jeju for a whole year!

We want to prepare incoming students for their time at the Word of Life Bible Institute Jeju campus! With that being said, whether you are interested in attending the Bible Institute or are already confirmed as a student for Fall 2017, I want to share with you 3 reasons why I love Jeju Island. I moved to Jeju Island in the beginning of September 2016 and I’ve had some amazing experiences this year!

1. Experiencing the Outdoors/Nature

To start off, experiencing the outdoors is something I love. Whether it’s fishing, hiking, or enjoying natural scenery I love any opportunity to be outside and enjoy God’s wonderful creation. Jeju is the perfect location for those who love to hike. For those of you who love a long, strenuous hike Mt. Halla is the mountain for you. Measuring at 1,950 meters in elevation, this hike will guarantee sore muscles for a few days. In addition, Jeju is covered with smaller mountains called “Oreums”. These are perfect for casual Saturday afternoon hikes and they normally take anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour to climb (each Oreum is different in size). But, for those who love leisurely walks, the “Olle” trails are perfect for exercising and enjoying the beautiful coast of Jeju Island.

View from the summit of Mt. Hallsan

2. The Ocean

Speaking of the coast, Jeju’s shore is breathtaking. The WOLBI campus is situated just 15 minutes from the nearest beach. It’s beautiful at all times of the day and its crystal clear water is perfect for swimming and enjoying the summer heat. You can enjoy the sunset on the beach with friends or grab a coffee and walk along the shore. During the spring time the WOLBI students love to tag along on the weekly beach trip to hangout at the ocean. A few students even like to ride their bikes down to the beach during their free time in the afternoon. Throughout the year we host a few student life events at the beach and its always a great time of fellowship. This year, some of my favorite moments of solitude with God have been spent by the Jeju shoreline.

Jeju's beautiful shoreline

3. Exploring

Jeju has SO many unique spots to explore. You can spend a day touring around Udo Island, visit one of the many art museums, or stumble upon small local restaurants serving traditional Korean food. This island is definitely not lacking when it comes to unique places to visit! Currently, my house has a spot on the bookshelf dedicated to Jeju brochures detailing all the fun places to explore. Jeju Island has a mix of city, farmland, and coastal areas so there’s a lot of opportunity to look around and enjoy the different kinds of terrain. My roommates/fellow staff members and I love to drive around and find random local shops/places to visit. Jeju is amazing because you never know what you will find! One time we tried to find a shopping place and ended up in the middle of nowhere surrounded by tangerine orchards (thank you Google maps!).

Exploring the lava tunnels on Jeju

These are just a few reasons of why I love living on Jeju Island. Come as a student and you can experience life here for an entire year!

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