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3 Reasons Why I Love Jeju Island

Sunset at Gwakji beach

With another year of the Bible Institute nearly complete, the staff is looking forward to and preparing with great anticipation for the new group of students who will come to study at WOLBI Jeju for a whole year!

We want to prepare incoming students for their time at the Word of Life Bible Institute Jeju campus! With that being said, whether you are interested in attending the Bible Institute or are already confirmed as a student for Fall 2017, I want to share with you 3 reasons why I love Jeju Island. I moved to Jeju Island in the beginning of September 2016 and I’ve had some amazing experiences this year!

1. Experiencing the Outdoors/Nature

To start off, experiencing the outdoors is something I love. Whether it’s fishing, hiking, or enjoying natural scenery I love any opportunity to be outside and enjoy God’s wonderful creation. Jeju is the perfect location for those who love to hike. For those of you who love a long, strenuous hike Mt. Halla is the mountain for you. Measuring at 1,950 meters in elevation, this hike will guarantee sore muscles for a few days. In additio