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Spring Campus Days Event

With 27 students already confirmed for the 2017 fall semester, WOLBI Jeju was thrilled to host another “Campus Days” event for potential students. Preparing dorm rooms, planning the menu, and brainstorming activities were just a few of the many preparations that came along with our spring “Campus Days”.

Hosted by our admissions team, Kelsey Wallace and Sra Lim, this weekend was a chance for Asian students to visit our campus and learn more about the Bible Institute. More importantly, the staff saw it as an opportunity to encourage these students in their relationship with God as they continue to seek Him for their next step in life.

Campus tour with Kelsey and Sra

The event kicked off with a special welcome meeting where the prospective students had the chance to meet each other and participate in exciting and upbeat games. The energy was high, the music was loud, and echoes of laughter were heard across campus. The weekend was packed with informative sessions about the Bible Institute including everything from financial aid to how to live cross culturally. Not only that, students had the opportunity to sit in on guest professor Dr. Honeycutt’s Romans class, giving them a clear perspective of the academics of the Bible Institute.

Students learning about WOLBI’s philosophy “Study, Life, Ministry”

The students were able to experience life on Jeju Island by taking several trips to explore our neighboring communities. Monday was a beautiful day for a short hike up one of Jeju’s famous Oreums, where each year they hold the fire festival and light the mountain on fire. On Tuesday, the prospective students enjoyed a trip to the beach with the current WOLBI students. Some students enjoyed sitting at the café talking over coffee while others enjoyed playing beach volleyball. This created a perfect informal opportunity for current students to interact and share about their year at the Bible Institute so far.

Students playing beach volleyball!

One of the major highlights of the Campus Days event was the special campfire devotion night where the campus gathered for worship. The band spent countless hours preparing songs and a small challenge from God’s Word. This was a spiritual encouragement to both staff and students as we united together to praise God.

Overall, Campus Days proved to be an exciting event for prospective students. What could be more fun than traveling to Jeju Island to experience 3 days of WOLBI life?! WOLBI will be hosting another “Campus Days” in the fall so make sure to keep following our social media to find out when! Don’t miss out!

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